Hello, genealogists!

Because not all marriages end happily-ever-after, we’re opening up a new site for data concerning Omaha area residents.  Something you find here may explain why you can’t find family members as you expected to find them.  The notations here are from Omaha newspapers, and generally do not give any information about the cause of the divorce.   You would have to contact the county court house for the appropriate county in order to obtain a copy of the divorce paperwork if you want more information.  Applicable fees would depend on the size of the file.

There are divorce listings from Douglas county, NE; Sarpy county, NE; and Pottawatomie county, IA listed in our pages because they show up in Omaha papers.   Although this is one of our newer sites, it has nevertheless been a fast growing site. The more recent listings are ONLY a list in the papers, though sometimes the early ones get a bit more personal.

If you suspect a divorce and don’t find it in our pages, there’s a lot of possible reasons.  Among those reasons:

1.  We haven’t indexed that time period yet.

2.  They didn’t get a divorce

3. One of the individuals involved moved elsewhere long enough to get the divorce (perhaps moving back later)

4. Both may have moved elsewhere prior to divorcing

5. Perhaps they were living elsewhere when they divorced and moved to this area after the divorce was final.

And there’s possibly other reasons as well.  (Maybe we transcribed the name wrong, or perhaps the paper spelled it wrong.  When dealing with newspapers, it always pays to be flexible.)

At any account, happy hunting for your family members and we hope you find what you need to solve the family mysteries.

If by chance you want a copy of the newspaper notice, $5 per item can have it emailed to you.  Just know, there’s not much information there.

Contact: G.O.G.S. PO Box 4011, Omaha, NE 68104 with the list & payment.


On rare occasions with special requests, we may be able to find someone to go to the Douglas county courthouse for a copy of the divorce papers.  (We’ll let you know here if we find someone willing to do the Sarpy & Council Bluffs trips for copies of the divorce papers.)  Cost for that will be the cost that the courthouse charges, plus $20/hr to cover parking and waiting for the courthouse staff to get the material copied.


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